Thursday, August 18, 2005

Baby's First Picture!!! I had to get an ultrasound today (everything is ok, I just wasn't feeling well) but the baby is doing great and I got to hear the heart beat! It was the coolest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Nothing to really update on... still pregnant. I have my first doctor's appointment on the 30th and then I go for my first ultrasound on September 7. It's so weird though, my belly is getting harder everyday! And I'm already gaining weight. It's all pretty cool, that's all I know.

I've been working on planning a bridal shower for my sister-in-law with Pat's mom. Work is going good, getting a little easier everyday.

I went home to Ohio last weekend. It felt so good to be home and see everyone. I just wish I would of had more time there. I was so upset though, Mom went to drop me off at Softrock Saturday night and I got sick (damn morning/afternoon/evening sickness!!!!). So then she took me home but at least I got to see my friends Friday night.

Alicia passed her nursing boards! I'm so proud of her! I know she would pass, she was scared she wouldn't, but I knew she would. She doesn't give herself enough credit.

Chewie is doing good. I think he can tell something is going on. He's become more attached to me, almost more protective. He follows me EVERYWHERE! I'm just hoping that he calms down enough for us to be able to keep him. As of right now, he's too hyperactive and too snippy to have around a baby, he really would hurt a baby(not on purpose). I don't want to get rid of him, that would break my heart. If I do though, it gonna have to be someone I know, that has a fenced in yard and no little kids. I just have this deep down feeling that tells me he's not going to calm down and I dread the day that I have to face that. This damn dog has become like my only friend here in Connecticut and has been a true companion. I dunno what to do. This has been ripping me apart since I found out that I am having a baby. He's such a loveable dog that means well and just doesn't know any better.

OK, well I guess I better go, I'll try to update again soon.