Friday, February 10, 2006

My poor body...

As my body keeps changing more and more, I'm noticing odd things...

-As I mentioned before, I HAVE NO BELLY BUTTON!
-Hot Flashes! I never used to get hot, always cold!
-Swollen feets and even toes!
-More freakles poping up all over the place!
-Cravings for food I usually wouldn't eat... chicken wings, apples, celery, oreos (which I liked before, but now I go crazy for em), milk, ceral (apple jacks is awesome), tootsie rolls
-My emotions go crazy, like yesterday I got pissed off and usually I just let stuff blow over my head, but damn, I let something really get to me and I starting bawling (thanks Carrie for being there)
-Stiff joints all over the place! My poor hands!
-Some little dude's feet & butt pressing against my ribs on my left side and actully brusing them (ouchie)!!

Anyways, I went to the doctor on Wednesday and had an ultrasound done. They were concerned on how small Joey is. So they sent me out to Yale for a more "high tech" ultrasound to check his umbillical cord and placenta, I guess sometimes if there's a problem with either it can cause the baby to be small. Well, nothing is wrong with Joey besides the down syndrome, which the majority of DS babies are small to begin with. In addition, Patrick and I are both smaller people, so the two of those combined is making me have a small baby. Most babies by this time (33 weeks) are usually around 4 pounds so they were just concerned which about gave me a heart attack, but luckly everything is fine and like usual I'm just counting down the days until Joey is here! The good thing is, the doctor said my weight/ body is the picture perfect pregnancy, so that helped to make me feel better :)

On the same note with pregnancy, here's a cool article... you go girl!!!

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