Friday, March 10, 2006

I figured I would give y'all a quick update. Wednesday I started having stronger contractions so I called up the doctor and they had me come in. I'm 1 centimeter dialated and my cervix is 50% thinned and the contractions were 7 mintutes apart. The doctor sent me home with instructions to drink lots of water because apparently, you can become even a little dehydrated and that can cause contractions, well, it worked for a while, but I'm still having contractions! The doctor said I could go like tomorrow or in a week! Babies with down syndrome are usually born early, rarely on time, So ANYTIME!!! Yesterday I started having more pressure too and I just feel funny. I just want to go into full labor and get this over with! I'm so excited now! So needless to say, I'm drinking lots of water to keep myself hydrated, my bags are packed for the hospital and now I just need my baby Joey to come!

Onto other news... we found a new home for Chewie. We are taking him to his new family tomorrow so that's really depressing but it's not only better for Patrick and I, but also for Chewie. He'll get more attention this summer with his new family than what we would be able to give him with a new baby. The really funny thing about this family is that the mom works at Yale in the Maternity Center so she's going to be one of the people taking care of me and Joey! They are very willing and want us to come visit Chewie and promised to keep us updated on how he is doing.

If I don't updated for a while or I'm not on AIM or MySpace, you know that I'm prolly in the hospital having Joey!

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Powder said...

Josh has been keeping us posted Jess. Congratulations!