Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wow, I'm way overdue for a new post on this thing so per Stephanie's request... here I go!

Not much new has been happening. Well I can't say not much... unfortunatly, we have to get rid of Chewie, which is totally breaking my heart but I have to think about my family first. He tried biting one of my brother in law's friends and he also snapped at me. We thought he was doing so much better and he's not. He's still snippy with strangers and since there's going to be therapists coming and going from our house for Joey, we just can't chance him biting one of them. Also, seeing that he snapped at me, now I don't trust him with Joey. So now I'm in the process of finding him a new home. I contacted a pet rescue and they are helping me to find Chewie the proper home. I get to interview the people interested in him over the phone and if I think they're a candidate, then take Chewie to see if they get along. If Joey comes before I find Chewie a home, he will go to a "foster home" rather than to a shelter. This is so unfair to him, but it's something I have to do. Anyways, before I start crying....

I finally got Joey's nursery finished! It looks so cute! Now I just need Joseph to make the room complete! Only 5 more weeks! I go next week to the doctor to see if I'm "progressing" for labor. And I go once a week now! I'm almost there!

For those of you who don't have a myspace... get one! It's so addicting seeing who all you can find from high school and to see what they're doing. Here's the link to mine.

Well I better go do some laundry or something! Toodles!


- J - said...

I never met him, but I'll miss his shaggy dog ass.

Powder said...

Problem with MySpace is that I can't read that from work through the internet filter, same for Facebook.
Also... MySpace is the devil.

Jessica said...

yes, myspace is the devil... its so addicting! But so much fun at the same time