Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The wedding went great! No problems, I did feel like a cow in the dress but Patrick says I looked great so thats all that matters :) The twins danced at the reception, Stephanie caught the Eileen's flowers and Christopher caught the garter which I thought was so cool that the two of them caught them! The band was awesome! I got to meet more of Patrick's family that I had never met before including his cousins from Texas. Besides the cold, nasty rain, it was a great day!
I stayed home from work today, I had the most awful headache last night and woke up this morning with it still, so I called off. It seems to have almost gone away (thank goodness!)
Little Joey keeps kicking, its so weird! Before, it felt like little flutters, but now, it actully feels like a little kick! He does it the most after I eat and when I lay down for bed. I had some blood work done and it came back negative for spina bifida and a couple other neurological problems (thank God), but it did also show the down syndrome. Next Tuesday I go for my next ultrasound, so pray that the cystic hygroma has gotten smaller and that there's nothing else wrong with him. I somehow have a feeling that he's going to be ok. I do want you guys to read this that actully is a very good description on how Patrick and I have felt the past couple weeks and even how some of you might feel about our Joey too.
For those of you in Ohio that remember my dad's best friend Sandy, he passed away Monday. You all know he was very sick with cancer so he's in a better place now. Dad seems to be ok, a little depressed, but ok. The viewing is tonight, I just wish I could be home for it, but at least I got to see Sandy when I went home a few weeks ago. The Carolus family will definetly miss him, he was a dear friend and second father to me.
RIP Sandy


Stephanie said...

The wedding was a ton of fun! And I swear it wasn't planned for Chris and I to catch the bouquet/garter. Mrs. Heeran is completely freaking out, haha.

Glad things are looking better for Joey. Hopefully the ultrasound will go well. :-)

a corporals' wife said...

Hi there,
I just wanted to give you a little bit of encouragement. I have an 8 year old daughter who was born with a cystic hygroma. She had surgery on it at 13 months old, and thank God we haven't had to have another one for her. My point is that the cystic hygroma is not the end of it all, and Joey should be able to lead a very healthy happy life. I'll check back on your blog every once in a while to see how y'all are doing! :)
-Adrienne L.