Saturday, November 05, 2005

Chewie's newest favorite thing to play with... cheaper than squeaky toys!!

Well, good news!! I had my ultrasound done... the cystic hygroma is almost gone! I'm so happy! He has crooked pinky fingers, something slightly wrong with his bowels, and his umbilical cord is coiled very well. The umbilical cord is the doctors' biggest worry, it can get tangled around him when he's being born so they have watch it with the ultrasounds. The other really good news is that from what they could see on the ultrasound there is nothing major wrong with his heart. The week of Thanksgiving I have to have a fetal echocardiogram done which will check his heart more.
Onto a little bit of bad news... I lost my job. My last day at Yale is November 18. You see, I'm considered a temp, not a permanent employee and legally, they had to post my job internally within the university and hospital for so long, well a permanent Yale employee decided they were interested in my job and since they had the same experience as me, they had to give my job to them. Hopefully I'll be able to collect unemployment for a while, Patrick is checking into it. If not, we're screwed, cause nobody will hire me now. I'm over 4 months pregnant and who would want to hire someone that could only work for a couple months!? Legally, places of employment can't say no to hiring a pregnant woman, but they still do. The other crappy thing is that there's no other positions that I can find at Yale that I could do. Oh well, things will work out somehow.
Mom and Dad are coming up for a visit the week of Thanksgiving! I'm so excited, then I'm driving home with them to Ohio for a week!!!!!! It will be so nice to be home for more than a weekend!
Patrick and I went to the Connecticut Down Syndrome Congress Convention today. It was very interesting . We met a lot of other DS parents, which helped to make me feel not so alone. I can't believe how HUGE the DS community is! We also got to talk to one of the best doctors in Connecticut who specializes in down syndrome.
Ok well, I don't know what else to update about... I think I've covered just about everything. I'm just sitting here waiting on Patrick to get home and we're going over to his parent's house for the evening.

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Stephanie said...

Good to hear things with Joey are looking better. Things are going to be okay!

Chewie looks sooo happy with his new toy. :-)

Sorry to hear about your job. Ugh. Hopefully you'll be able to find something else. But like you said, something will work out. Good luck.