Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hey there,
Just thought I'd give y'all a quick update.
Mom and Dad will be here on Friday!!! I'm going to be so busy with them next week! Then a whole week back in Ohio!! I've been trying to decided what food to fix for Thanksgiving. I told Pat's mom I would help her cook that way she's not stuck doing it all herself.
I feel so bad for Pat's sister Kerry! For those of you who might remember, she's the one who was in the bad motorcycle accident in August... well, Sunday night she hit a deer and totaled her car! Talk about bad luck!!! I feel so bad for her! Her insurance won't cover her car being fixed so they have to total it unless they can find someone real cheap to fix it. Plus, she doesn't have the money to have it fixed right now. She just started an intern job with a newspaper and isn't making much money. But looking at her car, I don't know how that deer didn't go completely through her windshield! It was all caved in and there's glass all over the front seat of her car, and how she didn't get her face cut up, I have NO clue! She got really luckly again for the second time this year!
Time Magazine just published an article,9171,1129545,00.html It's titled "The Down Dilemma, Is a life with the syndrome worth living? A first-trimester test raises the question earlier than ever" In my opinion (along with many other Down Syndrome moms), they could of picked a much better title than that. Of corse a life with down syndrome is worth living! What life isn't worth living?! Every unborn child deserves a chance at life! I just needed to share my anger with Time Magazine with you guys.
Well, only 2 more days of work left! I'll update again soon!!!

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