Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! I just wrote a really long post, then I pressed the wrong button and deleted the darn thing!! Opps... anyways, I'll try to remember what all I wrote about.
Mom and Dad came up the week of Thanksgiving. They went with me to Joey's fetal echocardiogram appointment. His heart is good!!!! There are no holes large enough to detect, just a little bit of fluid around his heart. But the doctor saw no reason to have a cardiologist on standby when he's born, that's one less Specialist in the delievery room!!!!
Thanksgiving day was great. It was our first holiday with both the Carolus's and Heeran's together! It was a great day. Even Chewie had a good time over at Pat's parent's house playing with everyone.
That weekend I went back to Ohio with my parents for a week. On the way to Ohio, we stopped at Orange County Choppers... it was pretty cool seeing a lot of the bikes we see on TV. I even got to see the NY Yankees Chopper.
I managed to keep myself somewhat busy in Ohio. Spent time with family and friends. I didn't have a car to go places and had to rely on people to come get me. But it was nice to be home for more than a weekend.
I had a big scare yesterday. I fell down the porch steps. They were covered in ice and I was even telling myself as I started down them "be careful, there's ice", but next thing I knew, I was falling and then I was on the driveway. Luckly, I went down on my backside and not my belly. I ended up falling down 5 steps. So I went back inside and called my doctor. They told me to come in right away. It was so scary, I didn't feel the baby move for 45 minutes. I thought that I had hurt him. The doctor checked both me and Joey out, and things seem to be ok. I'm just very sore and have one HELL of a bruised butt. I had a guardian angel on my shoulder yesterday, that's for sure!!!
Well, hopefully, I won't delete this entry. I need to get started on Christmas cards!


Stephanie said...

omg Jess, I'm glad you and Joey are okay. Only a few more months until he is finally here! I bet you guys are getting really excited. I know I am. I only wish I could be in Connecticut when it happens. :-( Well, I'll be there for Chris' graduation in May so I'll get to see him then. Ooorrr you could have him 2 weeks early when I'm there. :-D Hope your butt feels better, lol.

Jessica said...

You never know, maybe you will be here when I have him... the doctor said he's growing quick! You wouldn't believe how much bigger I am since the wedding!
I hope my butt feels better too... the bruise it HUGE!!!!!