Monday, December 19, 2005

Not much has been happening. It seems like I'm getting bigger everday! It's funny laying in bed and watching my belly move. I actully felt Joey get the hiccups yesterday... that was weird. It was a lighter movement that was constant for like 5 minutes.
Patrick and I finally got all of our Christmas shopping done, well all but my mom but I know what I'm getting her, just got to go get it.
Last night I decided I needed to trim Chewie's hair... it took Patrick holding him down while I cut his hair. Needless to say, after a few minutes, we gave up!!!
Ok, I've run out of things to blab about.... Toodles!!!


Stephanie said...

lol kudos to you for having all your shopping done. I have done like none. Actually, I only have like 5 people done. I've had your gift since like March. haha. i'm bad. I'm really nervous that you wont like it though. :-/ I'm hoping to do some of my shopping tomorrow.

Jessica said...

I'm sure that I'll like your gift :) Good luck on the shopping!!!