Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I've been baking Christmas cookies all darn day! And I just went to start baking another type of cookie and realized I don't have one of the ingredients. Grrrrr.... so I'm taking a quick break, then running to the store.
Not much has been happening. Still a little sore from falling down the steps. Joey is doing great, it seems like everyday he starts kicking me harder and harder. Not to mention that I'm getting HUGE!!!!
Patrick, Chewie, and I leave next Thursday for Ohio for Christmas. I can't wait! It's going to be a long drive, but that's ok.
Anyways, I better get to the store and get back to baking!


Stephanie said...

when are you guys going to be back in Connecticut?

...and I still wanna see the pictures from the wedding. Chris said the one of us with the garter is really good.

Jessica said...

We'll be back on the 27 (weather permitting).
I'll email you the garter pic today... it is pretty good.

Stephanie said...

thanks! I'm coming out the 28th. I HAVE to give you your Christmas present before the 31st. I'm like OCD and I have to give it to you befor the 31st or else I will never forgive myself. So we'll have to come over or something. (if thats okay with you and Patrick)