Wednesday, December 28, 2005

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Christmas was wonderful!! It was so nice being with my family and having Patrick there with me. Let's see...

Friday- We had dinner with my parents, Charlie, and Tony (Pat's room mate from law school) then, we went to Softrock for their customer appreciation party. Met up with Sara, Alicia, Tony, Josh, Jenna, Ashley, Nate, and all my other Softrock friends. It was a great time!!

Saturday- Christmas Eve... slept in, went to church with Grandma Fetty and Aunt Mary Jo, then went to my Aunt Mary Beth's to see the Carolus', then we went home and exchanged gifts.

Sunday- again slept in, then went to Grandma Fetty's for lunch and a game of Fetty style bingo, then Patrick and I went to go see Helen at Lincoln Park Manor, then went to Terry Paul's for dinner with the Carolus's (again).

Monday- Poor Patrick, he was so sick ALL DAY LONG!! So, I hung around the house and took care of him, then went with my mom and Connie to my baby shower that Laurie and Aunt Dolores had for me. I felt so bad though... none of the Carolus' could be there... they were all sick just like Patrick, luckly it was only a 24 hour flu. But the shower was a great time for all that were there. Joey got lots of cute clothes!!!! We also got his bassenet, high chair, and most of his bedding set.

Then yesterday- we did the oh so lovely drive from Ohio back to Connecticut. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike driving though Pennsylvania?!?!?!

Anyways, got lots good stuff for Christmas. The big gift I was so happy to get was a sewing machine that my parents got me. Anyways, I better get back to cleaning!!

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