Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Wow, I'm posting two days in a row!! Chewie is being so bad this morning! He won't stop barking and it's driving me crazy!! He's obsessed with barking at our landlord, they don't like eachother and Chewie lets him know how much he doesn't like him, except today, our landlord isn't even home but Chewie thinks he is! Crazy dog.

Unfortunatly, I have to go to Walmart today. I used to love our SuperWalmart, until last month when everyone decided that they love it too. I really hope the crowds die down there quick, it takes like 1/2 hour to check out in the darn place due to the long lines!!! And people in the store are so rude! Oh well, that's the East Coast for you.

I'm also trying to figure out what to fix for New Year's Eve dinner. Patrick and I are having his family over to exchange gifts and watch the ball drop. I have to think of something that the twins will eat. Maybe tacos, except I'll use ground beef instead of turkey so Pat's brother doesn't get grossed out :) That should be easy enough for over 10 people. So Steph, you guys are coming over here for New Years Eve!

Well I better get in the shower then off to run my errands for the day!!!


Stephanie said...

woah who doesn't like ground beef? surely must be Brian cuz I know Chris loves it. I have never heard of taco's with Turkey, haha.

I'm so excited to come and see everyone! I miss you all so much.

Still no luck on shopping. Brad has been sleeping and I just got him up like 10 minutes ago and hes showering now. I hate little brothers, lol. The mall is like 30 minutes away and we have to pick up my mom in like 3 hours. We are going to have to shop FAST!!!!

Talk to you soon. Sorry for the long babbling comment.

Jessica said...

nooo... when you guys came over for tacos that one time, they were made with ground turkey and not beef. I told Chris and I thought he was going to puke! Heehee, anyways, plus if the twins knew, they wouldn't eat them either. So I'm making them with beef. I usually cook tacos, meatloaf, ect... with ground turkey cause it's better for you and it's cheaper too!
Good luck with the shopping!!!

Stephanie said...

lol who cares about healthy. it was pretty weird. but if you made it again, i'd eat it. ;-)

I did pretty good with shopping...I got Eileen and Kerry, brother, and grandparents. Chris is taking care of the boys (chris b and brian). We already have Pat. Soooo, I think we got it all under control! yay!