Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A couple days ago my right ear was little achey, but I strugged it off thinking it was sinus pressure, well I should of known better with my history of ear infections, but lately I've been stubborn. Anyways, I woke up this morning thinking my ear was going to blow off the side of my head it hurt so bad. So I call my doctor, no openings today or tomorrow (CRAP). So I get out the phone book and look for an urgent care. I guess it's an Ohio thing cause up here in Connecticut, they have clinics and they're nothing like the urgent cares in Ohio. I don't want to sound stuck up or like a rich snob (cause I'm not), but I finally found one that takes our insurance and I felt like I was at a poor person's clinic. It was so dirty looking and obviously needed up to date equipment badly! So, after waiting a hour to see the doctor, I get called back and they did a strep throat culture on me and it came back positive! I've NEVER had strep throat before in my life! Along with that, I have an awful ear infection that the doctor said if I would of waited another day or two, that my ear drum would of ruptured! So now I'm on horsepill sized antibotics (yay). Then on the way home I start thinking that maybe the reason Joey hasn't been eating or sleeping the past two days is because he might be sick too. So I call his doctor in a panic and they tell me to bring him in. His ears and throat look to be ok but they did an overnight strep test on him so I have to wait until tomorrow to get the results! The good news is, they weighed him today and he went from 6lbs 12 oz last Tuesday to 7 lbs 5 oz today!! He's getting so big!!!

A huge thanks to Josh for talking to me on the phone last night... I needed to hear from someone back home. I'm still feeling kinda blue, but better than yesterday. I'll try to update again tomorrow.

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Stephanie said...

ouch!! That doesn't sound like fun at all. Good thing you went in today. We have urgent care in Chicago too so I know what you are talking about. I thought that they had those everywhere...I guess not. LOL. Well anyways, glad you are getting medicine and I hope you feel better soon!