Monday, April 17, 2006

Joey had his first occupational therapy session today. It went really good, his therapist taught me some new exercises to do with him. She said his legs are stronger than a lot of down syndrome babies but still weaker than they should be and that his upper body is very weak. She also taught me some massages to do to his face to help stimulate his mouth muscles since he's having a harder time sucking on his bottles.

Today has been very frustrating... Joey has only taken 2 naps today (one of which is right now). Usually by this time he would of taken 4 or 5... this has made him very cranky and I've not been able to get ANY house work done. The only reason I'm on here is because I needed some time to myself and relax! Plus it helps to get my feelings out. I know having a child with specials needs is going to be more of a challange than a regular child, but DAMN... at times it's getting harder and harder now that he's becoming more alert. It takes him so long to drink a bottle because of his sucking problems and I know he can't help it, but it's getting so frustrating. I find myself missing Ohio more and more the more frustrated I get. I have more support in Ohio than I do here. Don't get me wrong... I have support from Pat's family, but I have no friends up here and I need friends right now. And I need my mom. It's starting to get really hard, I feel so alone. At times it's I'm up here and it feels like everyone has forgotten about me. Luckly Joey and I are flying to Ohio next Tuesday for 5 days so I will be able to see everyone.

Sorry about the kinda depressed post but bad days happen. Hopefully my next post will be happier.


Powder said...

Here's some love from a fellow outcast, all the way across the ocean.

Jessica said...

Thanks Scott... you're the best!

The Pajama Mama said...

We all have rough days! Sometimes it helps just to blog about them and get it all out!