Friday, July 14, 2006


I can't believe how quickly the past 4 months have gone... Joey is 4 months old today! It just seems like yesterday that I was in the hospital giving birth to him!!

I was on the phone with the social security people for almost 20 minutes this morning trying to get a human being and finally got through to someone. I made our appointment to get Joey on Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Between formula and diapers the little guy is going to bankrupt us so I figured it was time for SSI.

The past couple days, Joey has been crying a lot. I don't know if adding cereal to his diet has upset his tummy, or if he just wants to be held all the time. I dunno, it's just getting really frustrating at times.

unfortunately, my digital camera is on the outs, I'm hoping I just need a new memory card, so I have no new pictures to post :(

Anyways, I will leave you with this...


Christina said...

Good job with the ceral, we are still working with the breast milk - day and night :-)

The Pajama Mama said...

SSI is such a pain to deal with, but well worth the effort and time! With TWO of them, it comes in handy!!

Kari said...

4 months you are right it sure does go fast!! Enjoy is all the advice I can give mine is going to pre~school in 6 weeks eeek! :( Sorry to hear your camera is on the fritz hopefully it's just the card.

Michelle said...

happy 4 month bday Joey! Yes it does go by fast, before you know it you're counting years instead of months!

Sorry to hear he wasn't in such a good mood; hope he's feeling better now!