Monday, July 24, 2006

Today was definelty a bad day... it started around 1:30 when Joey's physical therapist was here. He was in a great mood... laughing, smiling, I couldn't of asked for a happier baby. About 20 minutes later he started crying and it wasn't his normal crying. It was different. His PT was even worried. She stayed around for a bit, then a few minutes after she left, his crying got worse, then he stopped crying and his eyes rolled back in his head and started shaking. This lasted about 10 seconds then he started crying uncontrollably again. I'm not sure if he had a seizure or what. I called his pediatrician in a panic and he said since Joey wasn't running a fever that he doubts it was a seizure. I just don't know what to think. The only thing I know is that it scared the hell out of me. After crying for about 30 minutes longer, he fell asleep. My mother-in-law came over a little bit after that. Joey woke up and was fine and happy as could be. But I had never been happier to see Pat's mom in my life. Joey really scared me, I just didn't know what to think when his eyes rolled back and they started shaking all over the place. Thank God he's ok now, I just hope that never happens again.


RNP said...

Well, we recently had a few seizure scares with Miss E. I am sure your doctor will order a CAT scan....try to get it done sooner rather than later...push for the most recent date-even if you have to accept a cancellation appointment of someone else.

One thing I do remember about Miss E's two seizures is that afterwards she slept really soundly...almost immediately after. This is a bodies internal mechanism to repair from event.

There was no specific cause for Miss E's seizures, we keep some seizure suppositories in the house in case the event would repeat itself...I pray that it doesn't.

There are many resources on the downsyn boards about seizures, have you been to that forum?

You can read posts without registering if you like. There are a number of children with infantile spasms on the board and a few with other types of seizures.

Here are a few threads about some of the experiences people on the board have had:

Please email me if you have any specific questions, I can direct them to a few people I know that have children with DS that have seizure disorder.

In the meantime, please try to remember that an event such as this can be isolated...can even be caused by something as simple as dehydration. Until you receive results of the CAT scan you can only wonder...sometimes even the CAT scans show nothing.

I am sure the event was scary, as it was with Miss E, but try to keep yourself from being too overwhelmed about the possibilities until you know what you are dealing with.

Many hugs for you and Joey...sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

Michelle said...

How scary that must have been for you! I can only imagine what that was like going through that. I would hope your doc would still order some type of work up on Joey just to check him out instead of blowing it off just because he didn't have a fever! Glad to hear he was feeling better after his nap though.

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

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mum2brady said...

What a scary experience! I hope and pray that Joey is okay! I agree with Rebecca though - I'd take your sweet boy in for a CT scan, or an EEG, just to rule things out! I'm sorry this happened today, and I'm relieved that Joey is back to his happy self! Take care!

Kari said...

My DD Chanelle used to have sever seizures. I would most definatley insist the Dr. do some tests just to be safe and sure. Sorry you had such a scare I know first hand how scarey it can be. Hopefully it was nothing and won't happen again.