Sunday, July 17, 2005

Entry #1

Well I decided that I'm done with diaryland... it's being a poohead. Plus I'm bored and it gives me something to do. Things are still going well here in Connecticut. My job is getting better. I think it's still weird working at Yale. I eat lunch out in a courtyard with all the "Yalies". The campus is so beautiful though. All the old buildings. They remind of buildings you would see in Europe.

I gave my dog a bath tonight for the first time. It was funny as hell. He jumped out of the tub soaking wet and ran into our room and up onto the bed. Then took off out into the family room and hid behind the couch. Patrick had to get him to come out. He was scared of me... of corse he already forgot about it. He was running around and playing a couple minutes later.

This weekend is a lazy weekend. I've done something to my wrist (I wish I knew what). I'm not sure if I've got a cyst growing in it or somehow I've sprained it.But I've got a lump on it that really hurts, I can barly bend it, and my damn fingers are numb half the time. AND on top of that I had a migraine all afternoon and slept from 1:00- 7:30 so now I'm wide awake.

OK well, I'll try to post regularly to keep everyone updated. Toodles!!!

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