Thursday, July 21, 2005

Geez, welcome to the real world of being married. Cook, clean, do laundry... that seems like all I do!! I've been busting my ass cleaning for the past couple hours trying to get the house spotless. My parents are on their way here from Ohio so I want the house looking squeeky clean for them. I still need to mop the kitchen floor, vaccum our room and hallway, and I think thats about it! But I just scrubbed the bathroom so I'm taking a break. SHIT! I forgot to clean the toliet! Oh well, I'll get it after I finish this.
Anyways, I finally found a picture of me and Patrick to post on here so, this one is of us at Softrock one night. As soon as I can get some wedding pictures on my computer, I'll post them too! Well I better get back to cleaning!


Steph said...

what a cute picture. Pat and Chris look so much alike. I dont know why they can't show some teeth when they smile. LOL.

Laundry sucks!! Every single time Chris and I are together he's like "Do the laundry woman." LOL. I hate laundry.

I talked to my mom about the wedding shower and she said I can only fly out if I pay for it. And I am trying to save for a car this summer because I'd really love to have one down at school. Soooo, I'm not sure. $200 is a lot to spend to just come out for a weekend. :-/ I really want to come though.

Anonymous said...

i sucks but anyway its anna and i just wanted to say thanku for the happy birthday! and we all miss you!!