Monday, July 25, 2005

It was a manic monday...

Well, the lady who has been training me at work called off today so I was by myself. Luckly I managed to get all my work done along with her work that I could do. But the resident doctors were pissed cause I couldn't get onto the main computer system since I've not gone through my training classes.... I was like "duh... it's a tad bit illegal for me to get on there without the proper training!" They've fired people for getting into the system if they don't have a log in name and password which I don't have. It wasn't my fault and I was getting yelled at today! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Oh well, tomorrow will be better (as long as my co-worker comes in).

Anyways, Mom and Dad came up for the weekend. It was so nice to see them, I just wish they could of stayed longer. But we went deep sea fishing, and Mom and I went shopping! It was definetly too short of a weekend :(

Now I'm just sitting here waiting on Pat so we can go to the pet store. One of my fish died so I want to go get another. OK well, I'll post again soon!

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- J - said...

Just another manic monday (oh ooh oooooh)
Wish it were a Sunday (oh ooh oooooh)
'Cause that's my fun day (oh ooh oooooooooooooooh)

Children of the 80's unite.