Friday, June 16, 2006

Cued Speech

I just signed up to take a workshop on Cued Speech and was wondering if any of the other T-21 parents have any experience with this or have any comments on this method rather than ASL or baby signing. Let me know!


Michelle said...

I've heard of Cued Speech and have a website bookmarked on it, but can't say I've actually done anything with it! We had already been doing ASL w/Kayla for over a year when I first heard about cued speech. So to be honest I've just been lazy with learning something else! She is talking a lot now, so I'm not sure if I still need to look into it or not. I will be interested in reading how the workshop goes for you though.

Jessica said...

Thanks, the workshop isn't until September so it'll be a while till I post :)

Tara Marie said...

I have followed Leah Spring on the DSListsrv regarding 'Cued Speech' and found the concept to be wonderful. I have not been to a workshop but would attend if one comes close enough to where I live.
Joey is just adorable.