Monday, June 26, 2006

We had a nice time over the weekend despite the rain. The Irish Festival was a lot of fun, I got Joey the cutest shirt that says, "I drink me milk by the pint"!! The twins danced at the feis and did pretty good. The music was great like always and I can't wait for next year. I'm actully going home to Ohio in August for another Irish Festival that is going to be even larger than the one we went to yesterday! Before I met Patrick, I never listened to Celtic music or even knew what a feis was, now I can't get enough!!

About a month ago, I planted a couple tomato plants in larger patio pots and they've been growing on our back porch. I just went out back to check on them, and they're going to outgrow the pots I currently have them in! And to top it all off... I actully have little green tomatoes forming!! SUCCESS!!!

I just want to thank Radonna for letting me copy her adorable DS blinkies!! THANK YOU!!

Onto a Joey update.

I finally got him to laugh today! Before, he would try to laugh, but no sound would come out, and finally today, I got a couple giggles out!! Now I just need a "MaMa"!!!!!! Of corse that's a couple more months down the road, until then, I have his new laughter :)


NanNan said...

The sweetest sound in the universe- our children's laughter!!!

Michelle said...

Oh a baby's first laugh is wonderful! I remember the first time Kayla laughed I wanted to hear it over and over again! How fun :)