Monday, May 22, 2006

Focus of the positives!!

As I was reading an article that RNP's posted in her blog today, I decided to post how this article especially hits a personal note for me and Patrick. As most of you know, Joey too had a pre-natal diagnosis of Down Syndrome. The doctors told me that I had to option of terminating my pregnancy. Just like Harrison in the article, Joey already had his name. Looking at him now (even though he's only 2 1/2 months old), I could never imagine him not being here. Doctors need to focus on the positive, not the negative! There was only 2 doctors during my whole pregnancy that focused on the postitives of T-21. It was usually "you're child will be delayed in learning to walk, talk, ect..." and "your child many have many other birth defects". We were prepared for whatever God decided to throw our way. Fortunately for us, Joey was born perfectly healthy and got to come home from the hospital the same day as me.

I just don't understand how a woman could chose to end an innocent baby's life just because it has down syndrome. There are so many families that are willing to adopt a child with T-21. If you feel you cannot care for a child like this, there is a family that would be willing to. I just don't get it....


Michelle said...

I just don't get it either and it really breaks my heart!

We were pretty lucky in that we didn't have drs pressuring us. Well we didn't know for sure - we declined the amnio but had an increased risk on the AFP. I only had 1 dr in that practice (the one who called me w/the AFP results) make it sound like it was an urgent matter and I needed to see the specialist right away. I think his underlying message was the sooner I saw the peri the sooner I could take care of it if there was a problem. I didn't quite care for him.

So many times I look at Kayla and wonder why? Why do people choose termination? Because of outdated information, because they are scared, because they aren't getting the "perfect" baby? What they don't realize is that our kids are more ALIKE their typical peers then they are different. I can't imagine not having Kayla in my life either.

RNP said...

Well, I only saw a doctor a few times early in my pregnancy, then I switched to a midwife. I did have an ultrasound-but not soft markers were noted, and I did not have any other prenatal testing.

Ironically, my AFP test when I was pregnant with my 15 year old indicated a high risk for DS. I elected not to have an amnio, and was totally prepared to have a T21 child, in my early 20's.

When she was born there was a large team of people prepared for her special arrival-and surprisingly she did not have T21. We did later find out that I was carrying twins and that one of them had failed to develop beyond ll weeks.Possibly this baby had T21...don't know.

It is so sad, in my opinion, that it appears that so many women fall victim to what some may see as the easy way out-out of pressuring from the doctor-or fears of the unknown.

I will never understand why someone would abort, especially when it is being done solely on the basis of T21 diagnosis. I know of many moms with T21 children that are still pro-choice, which sort of confuses me, but I guess that as long as the option exists---unfortunately some people will elect to do it.

RNP said...

Opps, sorry for the typo, that was supposed to read 11 weeks not ll.

Michelle said...

Just wanted to let you know I tagged you for something :)

Anonymous said...

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