Thursday, May 04, 2006

Our trip to Ohio went wonderful! My family and friends got to see Joey for the first time. My parents had an open house for anyone to come over and see us and it was so nice to see my people I haven't seen since the holidays. Everyone loved Joey to death! Especially my couins Carrie and Sara, and my brother. Here's a picture of Carrie with Joey... He did so good on the plane rides too! He slept almost the whole time and wasn't one of those crying babies that everyone hates to on the plane with. I actully had people commenting me on how good of a baby he is!! I just wish our trip could of lasted longer.

Tomorrow I take Joey to the ENT to see if there's fluid in it. His pediatrician doens't have the equipment to see in his little ear canals. Hopefully we'll get an answer as to why he keeps failing his hearing tests in that ear. He's also been congested since the day he was born so maybe he can help to fix that. I've always had ear/sinus issues myself so it wouldn't suprise me if Joey does too along with the fact that T-21 chldren usually have problems with their ears and sinus too.


RNP said...

So glad to hear you had a wonderful visit.

Anonymous said...

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