Sunday, May 07, 2006

Yesterday was Joey's ENT appointment. The doctor didn't want to put him through the stress of looking in his ears and nose. He said his ear canals are still too small and it would hurt him too much. He also said he's not too worried about his hearing until he's around 6 months old. So I have to take him back in November to have everything looked at then. He did say that the noise we've been hearing from Joey that we thought was coming from his sinus is not from there that it's actully acid reflux due to him swallowing too much air when he's eating so now he's on medication for that. And it's actully working! He had been crying a lot and having a lot of gas, today he's already shown improvement! No crying today! Well, at least no gas pain crying, just hunger and poopy diaper crying.

Speaking of the little guy... I hear him waking up so time for a diaper change and bottle!

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