Thursday, May 18, 2006

Learning as I go...

Wow, sorry for the lack of updates! Joey is doing pretty good. His acid reflux is slowly starting to get better. Everytime I would lay him down for a nap he would start crying then it hit me... "gee, when my acid reflux kicks in, it kills me to lay down, maybe if I sit him up, he'll feel better!" Sure enough... I sit him on my lap and he goes right to sleep! For naps, now I've been putting him in his baby swing and he loves it. I had his swing reclinded as far back as it would go and he hated it so I adjusted it to a more sitting position and he's fine. He also loves sitting in his high chair watching me in the kitchen too! I love learning new ways to keep him happy!!

The next couple weeks are going to be so busy! My brother in law is graduating from college in Long Island and my sister in law is graduating from college in Rhode Island both on Sunday! It's going to be such a confusing weekend! Half the family is going to one, the other half is going to the other. Then the following weekend, we have a wedding (which is also our first anniversary!) in Rhode Island. So we're going to stay a couple nights for our first family vacation! THEN THE FOLLOWING WEEKEND my other brother in law graduates from high school! BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!

Anyways back to Joey... he's been getting so strong! His therapists are amazed at his strength!!!! He can already hold his head up for about 10 seconds on his own! He's also trying to reach for his feet! His speech therapist wants to start baby signing next week with him. She says he's alert enough to start!

A mad Joey!!!

Me and Joey

Nap Time!!!


Michelle said...

Oh he's so cute! Even the angry one! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.