Thursday, January 26, 2006

I went to the doctor yesterday and from what the doctor could tell by feeling my tummy, she said that Joey is right on track size wise and she guesses that he'll be around 6-7 lbs. Anyways, things are going great... I've been working on Joey's nursery. I got the crib set up with all the bedding in it (it looks so cute!!) and my rocking chair in there too. Now I just need his changing table/ dresser, then the room should almost be complete! This Saturday, Patrick and I have our childbirthing class... I can't wait to see how Pat does!

I'm starting to get homesick again, the worst part is... the doctors don't want me traveling anymore! I miss my family and friends back in Ohio so bad right now and it sucks since the next time I'll be able to travel is after I have Joey and he's able to travel which could take a couple months. I can't ride in a car for 12 hours and I can't fly due to the cabin pressure! I've never felt so stuck before! Not to mention so lonely... don't get me wrong, Patrick's family is awesome, but I need my family and friends too. At least my parents, Carrie, and brother will come up here when Joey is born (10 weeks to go!).

Ok, well I better get working on laundry and whatever else I can find to clean!

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