Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wow, I'm offically 6 months pregnant and in my third trimester! Less than 3 months to go!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! I'm so nervous! I'm going to be a mom and my life is going to change so much! Joey has obvisously changed positions in my tummy. Before, I felt most of his kicks below my belly button and now it's all above my belly button. Also, my tummy moves around so much now. You can actully see him move around. Before you could see it, but he moves so much more now that he's turned.

Anyways, we had one heck of a snow storm yesterday. I find it so funny that they name the big snow storms up here. This was the second one of the season, "Winter Storm Beverly". I just find that weird.

I have to agree with Josh... I think the Bengals will go to the Super Bowl. Gotta have faith.... it's been way too long since they've had the chance and they kick ass this year. It would be awesome if it was the Bengals vs. the NY Giants (Pat's favorite team). Both teams have had great seasons. Monday night was awesome when OSU beat Notre Dame. Notre Dame is not only Pat's favorite team, but also his father's. So I had my minute of glory when OSU won. It felt great!!!!!!!!!!!!


- J - said...

Well, so much for the giants anyway. :)

Jessica said...

Yeah, I know... so much for the Bengals too... we always have next year :)