Tuesday, January 31, 2006


So last night Pat and I went to Petco and bought one of those anti-bark collars for Chewie, ya know, the ones that shocks the dog when they bark. Well... Chewie barks, it shocks him and he continues to bark through the damn shocks! He's not barking as much, but the little ass doesn't get the clue! Hopefully he'll learn after a while... BARK+COLLAR= ZAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who don't know Chewie, just understand that he HATES our landlord whom lives upstairs and will bark, snarl and actully snap at him. It gets very old when the dog does this every single time Bruce goes in and out of his door (which is multiple times a day). He also barks out of control at anyone who comes to our door and isn't very nice to people at times. We're trying to break him of this habit before Joey comes. Locking him up doesn't work, yelling, screaming, nothing works! So we're trying this. Pat and I aren't trying to be mean to the little guy, he just needs to learn to stop barking like he does. He's a little yapper!


Edit: I read a little more into the collar... if he barks continously, the shock gets stronger. Well, he just had a really loud, long barking episode at Bruce and needless to say, it got him! He hasn't barked since :) I'll update soon!

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