Saturday, August 12, 2006

It was so nice to be home minus a couple bad news days, but I'll get to them later. Saturday was my cousin's baby shower. Everything went great, she recieved a lot of the things off her registry. It's so exciting... she's having a little boy September 10 and her brother's girlfriend is due to have a little boy the end of October. We're all going to have little boys!!!

Saturday night I went to my friends' bar and got to see some of my old friends. It was karaoke night, I didn't sing, I usually do, but just didn't have the karaoke itch in me that night. But my friend Josh did sing a very good rendition of "Baby Got Back" that was priceless to watch :)

Sunday we went to the Dublin Irish Festival to see my father-in-laws best friend John perform. He's an incrediable musician and such a fun person. He was the MC for the festival's finale. There were so many amazing Irish musicians on the stage at once... Celtic Tenors, Gaelic Storm, 2 of the fiddle players from "Lord of the Dance", just to name a few. We also ate a lot of great food, I think I enjoyed the corned beef and cabbage the best!

(John is the accordian player in the middle)