Friday, August 11, 2006

So much happened in the past week it's going to take a couple entries for me to update everything!!

I'll go backwards though... today wasn't as crazy as I thought it was going to be at the airport. We arrived at Columbus at 2:00 for our 4:30 flight. Luckily the security checkpoint line wasn't too bad. Joey and I made it through the medal detectors but they saw something in my purse that looked funny so they took us off to the side to search my purse and of corse found NOTHING! The hardest part of today was not being able to take water with me. I had to buy water to make Joey's formula but then couldn't take the leftover water on the plane with us. Oh well... Joey did great on the plane except for the last 20 minutes. He didn't scream his head off but he was definitely not a happy little boy.

After we got back to our house, we weren't even home for 5 minutes and the power transformer blew outside of our house!! I had just turned on my computer and sat down to get online and "BOOM!!!!", it sounded like a shotgun was shot right outside our front door! So needless to say after a day of traveling with a 5 month old, all I wanted to do was come home and get on my computer and we had no electricity!! We came over to my in-laws house until our power wil hopefully be put back on soon! Luckily it's only in the 70's tonight. I just hope my computer didn't get fried in the process!!

I'll update about our trip tomorrow, computer permitting!


NanNan said...

Welcome back, missed your posts-- I understand the need for security, but come on, where's the common sense- you really don't fit the profile of terrorists--- ;) Hope your computer is fine--

Miranda said...

Wow...what a day to be on an airplane. Glad to hear that you are home.

Anonymous said...

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