Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well, I just finished feeding Joey peas for the first time and he LOVED them. I expected him to spit them all over the place and making yucky faces, but instead I got a happy little boy smacking his lips together and smiling at me! I really wish I would have had my camera handy so I could of gotten some pictures.

My girlfriend and her daughter are here until Thursday, and we've had such a great time! Yesterday we went to Ikea (I love that store!) and today we're going to a local orchard. Tomorrow we're going to go to the Mystic Aqaurium. I'll be sure to post pictures later. On that note, here's a couple tummy time pictures to leave y'all with!


BStrong said...

Yummy Peas.........no comment:) Great pics of Joey. Have fun at the aquarium.

Christina said...

He is so cute, and he is getting so big!!! Good work on the food too - Go Joey!

Michelle said...

glad to hear the experience with peas went so well!

Sounds like you're staying busy with your girlfriend and have lots of fun stuff planned!

Great tummy pictures - he's getting so strong!