Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mmmmm, formula!

Yesterday I started Joey back on solid foods, poor little guy hasn't been able to eat any food or drink formula since he had the flu last week. He's been on a clear liquid diet. And finally this morning he had a "good poop" so I gave him a bottle of formula and boy did he ever enjoy it. I've felt so bad the past well, almost week. I felt like I was starving the poor little guy but everyone I would give him formula, hours later he would have the most awful diarrhea ever. And if I gave him food, he would vomit it back up. So, yesterday I started him on applesauce and cereal and it did the trick! Yay for a good, no yucky poop!

Speaking of that nasty flu that Joey and I both got last week in Ohio, my hubby came home from work today with it. It's definitely going around, now the ugly booger has invaded my in-laws house too! You know it's bad when schools close due to it!


Overwhelmed! said...

Oh the joys of sickness that's passed around the family! I hope you're all feeling better soon! :)

Miranda said...

Glad to hear Joey is feeling better. I'm sure he was craving his bottle :)