Friday, February 09, 2007

A tearjerker!

This one brought tears of joy to my eyes... Selena Waters, a 19 year old senior at Abington Heights in PA helped to bring her girls basketball team to victory. A great article written by Marty Myers, On top of the world. Be sure to watch the video!


Michelle said...

I read the story of this young lady the other day (I think the article came out the day of the game). I was interested in hearing how the game actually went so thanks for posting this update! Did you know the opposing coach's granddaughter has Ds? Didn't know if they mentioned that in the follow-up article; I'm off to read it now!

The National Scribe said...

that was a great story. It is nice to hear good things written in the paper as opposed to all the garbage they put in there. GO SELENA!

Kari said...

Yes I saw this the other day. Great article! Loved the video too! :)