Friday, September 01, 2006

I just have to complain and say that I do not like this Blogger Beta very much. I really wish I wouldn't have switched over now. It's constantly having error messages and I miss using my HTML. You're suppose to be able to use HTML, but everytime I try, it tells me that there's an error. Well, it's the exact same HTML I used with my previous layout and now it's not letting me use it. Grrrr... I just had to complain. Is anyone else having problems with it?


LeslieAnn said...

I had a blog called Jackson's Place and switched to beta. When I finally got it all switched over I had so much trouble. I had to sign in with 2 identities and passwords and couldn't maneuver my way around. I emailed blogger and asked if I could go back and they said it wasn't possible after switching. PLUS they said they were showing that my blog was deleted!! What the heck? So I just made a new blog and it all turned out okay...I changed it to Super Duper Jack and I like it better! But I had just started and didn't have all the things that you have and would lose. I hope it all works out soon.

Michelle said...

I haven't changed over yet so I have no advice! I'm not sure what is going on w/your error messages...maybe you could email tech support or something? sorry it's been so frustrating!

RNP said...

Oh my, how I wish I would have seen this prior to switching over Jessica.

I am also sorry that have been having a bit of a slump... I hope you are back to your usual wonderful self really soon.