Friday, September 15, 2006

My son, a star!

Patrick and I are on the Connecticut Down Syndrome Congress's Buddy Walk committee and amid all the planning and craziness we were just asked if Joey could be used for our local ABC news station's buddy walk segment! Joey is going to be on TV! It's going to be taped on September 25 at 12:15 so I will be sure to post a link to the news story as soon as it is available online!! Well at least I have an excuse to go shopping... this means I have to go out and buy him a new outfit :)


Michelle said...

Oh that is so awsome!! What a great advocate for the news to have Joey's face on there :) Congrats!! Can't wait to read all about it and see the clip too of course!

LeslieAnn said...

That is GREAT! :) Go Joey!

Christina said...

Yeah Joey! And I agree, that is agreat opportunity for shopping :-)
Don't forget to post the link, i would love to see it over here!

Wystful1 said...

How wonderful for Joey, and for what you all are doing! Way to go. Yes, yes---please do add the news story for us. And if you will drop by and remind me (I'm a grandma, and sometimes forget this stuff) so I can come watch him!!

(I added Joey's blog to my blog list on my sidebar. I hope to drop by from time to time!!)