Monday, September 18, 2006

preparing for the buddy walk

I've been slowing getting things together for our Buddy Walk on September 30. We've got our t-shirts and personalized buttons with our pictures with Joey. We've already made it to our goal of $500 and the money is stil coming in! Since this is our first year in the buddy walk, I didn't want to set our goal too high. But we made it! I'm so excited... I guess didn't expect people to be so generous, but they have been and I really appreciate it.

This is the picture we decided to go with on our t-shirts for Team Heeran.

Tommorow, Joey and I have an appointment to go to Craniotechnologies for a consultation for Joey to get a helmet. Unfortunatly, Joey's head never rounded out and has plagiocephaly even with all the belly time and using blanket rolls to have him lay on his other side rather than the flat side. Poor little guy's back right half of his head is rather oddly shaped. Our insurance says they cover a helmet, or else I'm not sure if we can afford it, they're close to $2000. Wish us luck!!!!


lglover1973 said...

We have a friend whose son has a helmet and it is so cute! I'll email you a link to her site if you want...she has some pictures of him in it and it really is cute. How long will he have to wear it?
That is GREAT that y'all made your goal. I can't wait to see pictures from the walk! We'll hopefully get to do one next year when we're settled again!

leslieann said...

That should say LeslieAnn, not lglover1973! Sorry!

Jessica said...

We're not sure how long he'll have to wear it, but they said the sooner he gets it the less he'll have to wear it.

Stephanie said...

awww poor little helmet head. Just kidding, Chris was only joking when he said we would call him that. He will look cute with it though and hopefully he won't have to wear it too long.

The picture you chose is great! I wish I could be there so I could be on your team and get a shirt, lol.

Hope things are going well otherwise.

Christina said...

Great job with raising funds, I wish I was on the other side the pond so I also could participate. I don't think they have it over here.
I am sure the helmet will work out great! I have heard it does!


mum2brady said...

Good luck with the helmet - they make such cute ones now :) We took Brady in, but they said that the kind of flatness he had would not be correctible :( It has definitely rounded out, but he still has a flat spot on the back of his head.

And - whooo hoooo hooooo on your buddy walk goal - that is awesome!!!!

Michelle said...

What a great pic for the tshirts and buttons! and congrats on surpassing your goal!