Thursday, September 07, 2006

another milestone!

I thought I'd make a quick post before we give Joey his bath...

I forgot to post yesterday that Joey hit another milestone... he rolled from his back to his belly all by himself!!!! I couldn't believe it! The sad part is that I missed it. I turned my back for a minute and boom! He was on his belly!

Joey has been enjoying his playtime in his new exersaucer although he only tolerates being in it for about 5-10 minutes at a time.

I tried feeding him pears today for the first time. I don't think he liked the texture of them very well. Patrick tried again this evening to feed them to him and he did do a little better. He didn't spit them all over the place like he did for me.

Sweet Potatoes!!!


Joey's favorite... PEAS!!!!!!


LeslieAnn said...

I LOVE that bib!!

Good for him liking peas! Jack liked guava and that was about it. Isn't that wierd?

I LOVE seeing the pictures! He just reminds me so much of Jack at that age. Adorable!


LeslieAnn said...

I figured out a way around the beta thingy...I have to sign in with OTHER as my identity. It won't accept my blogger identity. Now I can comment! Woo hoo! :)

Michelle said...

WTG on rolling over Joey! They always do it when we're not looking!

You can tell the difference in the pictures which foods he REALLY likes!

The Pajama Mama said...

He is such a handsome baby! It takes ten to twelve times before a child acquires a taste for some foods, keep trying!

Christina said...

Great job JOEY!!!
The pictures are awesome, he seems like a funny little gut :-)Christina

Lori, A loyal wife and momma to many. said...

He's so cute!! Absolutely love all the photos. Keep sending them! Sounds like he's doing really good.

Stephanie said...

Tell Joey I'll eat his pears for him! They are very yummy. Okay, well I've never had baby pears but I'm sure they kinda taste like real pears.

I got your letter for the CDSC Buddy Walk. I really wish I was able to fly out, but the tickets are really expensive. :-/ Maybe next year when I'm finally living out there.

Kari said...

Great pictures Joey is so cute. What a big boy rolling over. WTG Joey They sure grow fast. BTW I love that bib it is hilarious.

Ash said...

My favorite baby food was sweet potatoes. Now I don't really care for them.