Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I've been trying to get Joey to start eating more solid foods and boy, is it getting frustrating!! He's been doing so well with stage 3 gerber foods that I figured it was time to try new foods. He absolutely HATES those meltable puffs, the minute he sees them, he clamps his lips shut. Same with teething biscuits, except with them, he also starts crying. I had made myself Kraft Mac & Cheese for lunch yesterday (healthy huh?) and Joey was watching me with such curiosity that I figured, "what the heck, lets give it a try". So I took some and cut them up into small pieces and gave it a whirl. He has the idea down of chewing, but doesn't do it enough or strong enough to mash up his food. This morning I tried scrambled eggs but he decided he didn't like them. I even put ketsup on them hoping that would help. There has been other foods I've tried with him but he just isn't wanting anything but his canned baby food. Also, some new foods he just gags on. It's like he forgets to chew, he just wants to swallow his food the minute it hits his lips! His OT had me go out and buy those mesh things you can put food in for the baby to chomp on but he once again, throws a fit when I try to give it to him. Tonight I'm going to make something for dinner that I can put into the food processor and chop up for him to see if that works.

I guess I'm just frustrated but I know I need to keep working with him and he'll eventually take to other foods. I just needed to vent to my fellow moms :)


Brandy said...

Sorry I can't offer any advice here. My little one would eat anything in sight. He loves his pizza, have you tried yougart? It has the texture of some of the baby foods, yet it is "adult" food. It is also good for him.
Good luck, he'll eventually give up the baby foods and graduate to adult food when it's the right time for him.

Imperfect Christian said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! Just keep trying! Eventually he'll get it. J likes to swallow her food whole, unless it's crackers!

Trina said...

My SuperHero has always been a pretty agreeable eater. He's just turned four and did lunch on Sunday at an Ethiopian restaurant without a problem. Having said that, he's gone through stages where he loves to eat the same thing every single solitary day. Annie's Organic Macaroni and Cheese is one. Noodles with just a little butter and garlic or olive oil and garlic, also was a toddler pleaser. Loved to gnaw on frozen bagels until mushy when teething. What else...hated and still hates cheese on its own. Hated rice cereals but loved and still loves oatmeal. Unsweetened applesauce was popular. Hates boiled eggs, but loves scrambled. Oh, and yams...just boiled and mashed with a bit of cinnamon. He'll eat that for days. Peas, carrots, and green beans get the thumbs up, but I couldn't pay him to eat spinach. Some textures still make him gag and just the sight of certain things will make him protest. He'll find something that he likes eventually. Then he might eat it for the next three months. Don't worry. Have fun experimenting and trying new things.

We do silly/fun things with food too. We make faces on toast and cut things into shapes with cookie cutters. Smoothies go a long way. A little milk, yogurt, and fruit and I can get nutrients in liquid style.

I never used a lot of baby food. I used a grinder and would puree or grind regular foods a lot.

Ummm...I think I've babbled on for long enough. Is there a maximum length for comments?

Kari said...

LOL every single one of the foods you named Tristan absolutley hates. It's all about texture. I used to put whatever we had for dinner in the processer for Tristan. He nejoyed it much more than those jar foods. I pureed prolly until tristan was 2. I have had alot of troubles with Tristan eating he still has days when he will only eat Cereal and cut up fruit or toast with Peanut butter. Well he will eat his precious cheetos cheesies anytime. In fact it is because of these he learned how to self feed! hahahaha

LeslieAnn said...

Okay...this sounds like Jack in so many ways.

He wanted smooth textures forEVER. He was 18 months old and still not eating solids or even wanting to try them. It was pudding, yogurt or applesauce. Or baby food. He never wanted Stage 3.

We were beating our heads against a wall when our therapist in Florida suggested mixing a little bit (like a teaspoon) of solid food (like spaghetti) in the yogurt container. We gradually added more until he was only eating the spaghetti. It took a solid week of morning, noon, and night meals and a LOT of crying on his part. But by the end of the week, he was eating solids.

He is 3 1/2 now and we still have trouble getting him to try new things. He has his favorites and he is very reluctant to try new things.

Joey is still so little and Jack was older when we did the solid-food boot camp, so I would just introduce the new solid foods mixed in with something smooth that you know he likes. It looks GROSS (I mean, spaghetti and yogurt...blah!) but it works.

Good luck! =)

*And yay on the ultrasound! The measurement was not that different...I think they're just covering their tails. I wish he hadn't felt the need to apologize though.

~Melissa~ said...

He'll get the hang of it, but I know it's frustrating. Have you tried Hummus? My son loved that and it is still sort of a "baby food" consistency. I agree with noodles and yogurts etc...

Anonymous said...

I wish I had some advice for you, but both my babes have loved those Gerber puffs and such. It is not an uncommon issue though and lots of typical kiddo need to try something endlessly before they will accept it into their little mouths. I think the yogurt suggestion is a great one - we've always been fans of YoBaby which is organic and rich in kiddo goodness.

Have you tried giving him a fork or a spoon? He might be more interested if he is running the show...though of course that is a whole 'nother ball of wax.

Big hugs for you. Vent away...I hate it when I feel "stuck" with EJ. Just know this too will pass :)

Michelle - Momma to 2 Muffins - Soon to be 3! said...

I have no advice, Jessica, but wanted to send hugs your way. We just started Elliot on some cereal (yikes, at 8 months). And, he spits it at me. What to do - suppose we'll be mixing it in the beloved "ba" for now! LOL!

jotcr2 said...

Yes, frustrating. Can try round and round the garden around his lips, and tickle under the chin before eating. Can stimuate the mouth muscles. For Sheena is wasn't working then all of a sudden she is now eating proper solids. Can help if I start her on something easy like natural yoghurt, then progress to the real food.