Monday, March 12, 2007

I've been tagged!!!

ok, I've been tagged by Rhett's Mommy. It seems I'm suppose to list my 5 favorite things about feminism...

1. PURSES! I can own as many purses as I want!

2. PREGNANCY, as much as it stinks sometimes. It's something that you can't share with anyone else. The bond you have between yourself and your babybean is wonderful!

3. MOTHERHOOD, you don't realize how great it is until you're a mom!

4. GIVING BIRTH, seeing your baby for the first time is priceless. Knowing that you had a living being inside of you and to see it for the first time...

5. BEING A WIFE, meeting the man of my dreams and saying I do, need I say more??

Who am I going to tag, lets see, how about Jaymi from The FlipFlop Mamma, Heather from Flaugh's Flaws and Michelle from Big Blueberry Eyes.


Anonymous said...

Nice answers! Except for the giving birth one! I'd glady give that one to the men.LOL. I'll get on this sometime this week!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the tag- I'll try to get to it this week! But then again, who could come up with any better answers than what you have!