Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Joey's PT came over today to go over the evaluation she did last week. Joey fits into the 4-6 month percentile except for his upper body strength. So, they're adding on physical therapy once a week, occupational therapy once every other week, speech therapy once every other month, a teacher once a month and a nutritionist every couple months. I can't complain about all that! The more help, the better.

It was also suggested today that I take Joey in for a GI evaluation. He's been having issues with constipation. Even with all the prune juice and fruit, he's having difficulties going. I feel so bad for him, he has to push so much and cries the whole time, the barely anything comes out. I never thought I would be so obsessed about someone's BM's!!

Today, I got an email from a parent here in Connecticut that was doing a google search on Bumbo Seats and came across my blog. What a small world!! So a quick hello out to Holly!!


Judi said...

Hey, I have been obsessed with my son's BM's before so don't feel bad. He was born 3-1/2 months early and had a lot of issues. I will just warn you a lot of times the GI doctors talk scary talk!! You can read about my son using his care page name GraysonLedford.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that all that help is available for Joey!! The sooner the intervention the better!! Also, do you have him on a waiting list for school? Because I heard that those lists are so long, that mothers get on them while still pregnant if they know they're having a child with Down Syndrome.

The Imperfect Christian said...

I'm on the BM boat. LittleBit needs physical help to go (we have to hold her legs up so she can push) and DramaChild hasn't gone in FOUR days. We're off to the dock if her meds from today and tomorrow don't work. Poor kids!