Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wow, 5 minutes ago I put Joey in front of the TV and turned on his Baby Einstein DVD and it's still keeping him amused!

Yesterday I took Joey to Norwalk to go see Lori Overland, an Oral Motor Development Specialist who's evaluations usually cost $600 and her sessions $400, but is currently doing a study on babies with Down Syndrome 7 months to 3 years, and we're getting her services for free since Joey is 7 months old! Her study is looking at new ways to feed babies with DS to work on less of a tongue thrust. It involves me massaging his mouth before I feed him food and a certain way to use the spoon. It's going to be extra work but I'm willing to try! I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on how it's going.

Today, I take Joey to get his helmet adjusted for the first time since he got it last week. I really think they need to take a little off the back. When he sleeps in his crib, he can't sleep on his back. His poor little head gets tilted too much so he rolls onto his side in which he then rolls onto his stomach. Once he gets onto his stomach he gets stuck and starts crying, or sleeps with his head face down into the mattress (which is no good!). So they better come up with a solution today. My only free day this week without an appointment for Joey is Friday and I can't wait. Yesterday I had an one hour drive each way and today I have the same.

Well, it's been almost 10 minutes and Joey is still watching his DVD but starting to get a little frustrated. I better go rescue him!


Christina said...

How exciting with the study, especially that you do not have to pay! Vincent also loves his Baby Einstein. He can actually watch it for a full 30 minutes. Comes in extremely handy around dinner time :-)

Kathleen Marie said...

Wow, you do keep super busy. That is excellent about the study. At seven months if he can watch for 10 minutes, that is awesome. I remember my second daughter who has ADD. Trying to sit her down for 10 was a miracle, no matter what age! Ha!

LeslieAnn said...

I love your new look!

I hope he gets his helmet adjusted...poor baby! That can't be comfortable.

That's awesome about the specialist!


Michelle said...

Love the new banner w/the pics of Joey!!

How neat that you're able to get her services for free for the study! (Wow she's expensive!)

Hope they come up with a solution to his helmet!

Miranda said...

Wow that's great you get to have the study done...for free no less!

I love the new header, it looks great!!

amy flege said...

are those baby einstein dvds great or what? mayson will sit through hers and cry until i restart it again!!
glad to hear about the study! hope its a success.
love the new pics of joey!

crystal said...

i came across you site, and ijust wanted to say, that our son's were born not that far apart. My son Alexander, does not have any medical issues so to say, and he is a handful!!, i wanted to say that i admire your strength, and courage, and the love you have for your little joey :-)