Thursday, October 19, 2006

Today I hit a milestone that I truly needed to hit. Sometimes it takes something to trigger one's mind to realize that they need to get their act together. For me, this was budgeting our money better. Let's face it, almost every couple starting out hits a low at some point, that's us right now. We're broke! Patrick started his new job and is making a lot more money than his last job, but we've been spending way too much. Between needing buying new fall clothes for myself (last year I was in maternity clothes & my clothes from the year before are too small), trying to get home to see my family, groceries, the high price of gas, Joey's formula, diapers & now baby food, and all of our bills, we're not saving one single cent! I think it's time for me to take some financial advice from my mother in laws favorite person, Dave Ramsey before we end up completely broke.

I am in charge of our fiances and so far I seem to be doing a crummy job doing it. I do by best to not buy little extra things that we really don't need, but I love shopping. It's an addiction of mine that I'm having that hardest time beating. I always think to myself, "oh it's only $5" or something along those lines. Well, all of those $5 add up really quick!

I've got to start saying no to myself and showing some discipline! I've been so good at clipping coupons, looking for sales, but it's just not enough. If anyone has any words of advice or suggestions, I would love to hear them! I just hope I can live up to what I just wrote...

I will end with these two quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson:
"Money often costs too much" and "Can anybody remember when the times were not hard and money not scarce?"


Michelle said...

I do the finances around here too. One thing I did when Kayla started on baby foods was I made most of her food. It was really easy to do with a food processor/chopper. You can add a little formula or breast milk to the food in the processor to get it the thin consistency. I never bought the baby food bananas - those are so easy to just mash up so I did that. For applesauce I bought regular, unsweetened in the big jars - more for your money instead of the little baby jars. I would freeze the food in ice cube trays and then pop them out and put them in a freezer bag. Then just take one or two out for her meals. It was easy to make veggies like sweet potatoes, broccoli, squash. It might take a little work preparing the food but once you have it done and frozen it saves money from buying the jarred food. I also had a book, called (I think) First Foods that listed recipes to make.

Miranda said...

Oh Jess, i'm the same way! I am horrible with money! One thing that we do is put money in envelopes labled "gas" "groceries" "spending money" and "savings" this seems to help me. Also another thing that has helped me is not using a debit card and using money it seems more real to me with cash and i can see it being spent. If you find something that works for you let me know, i could use some advice too!