Monday, January 01, 2007


I figured since it was January 1st, I figured I should compile a list of resolutions/ goals that I would like to meet in the upcoming year.

1. To move out of our apartment and either buy a house or put the money we have saved up into a CD for a year to make interest on it and save up more. Either way though, we've got to move into a different place! Our apartment is way too small!

2. Get pregnant again (swim spermies swim!)

3. Get Joey crawling and walking!

4. Buy a new/ used van... my 1994 Saturn Station wagon is on it's last leg!

5. In between pregnancies to lose some weight.

6. To get a budget made up and follow it! I need to get better spending money!!


The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

We have to buy a new vehicle too! Probably a mini-van, since the gas would be too high in an SUV. I'm thinking if I save up well enough, we can afford a descent down payment by next fall. There's no way I can fit 2 car seats, and a 10 year old in the back of my Nissan!

amy flege said...

those sound great!! i hope you can stick to them. mine is to start dieting,,,,, ugh

Michelle said...

You've got a great list there and will be looking forward to watching you accomplish your goals!

causa nostra laetitiae said...

LOL, lose weight, AND get pregnant, oh, boy does that sound familiar! Every month I say to myself,
"I might be pregnant, ah shucks, then I won't lose weight, oh boy, I'm gonna have another baby, ah, rats, I'm not pregnant, now I have no excuse NOT to lose weight!"
I hope you accomplish 3 out of 4 resolutions, go and see mine!