Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The year I was born

Michelle had this on her blog and I thought it was pretty cool so I decided to post mine too!

In 1981 (the year you were born)

Ronald Reagan becomes president of the US.

Minutes after Ronald Reagan becomes president, Iran releases 52 American hostages that had been held captive for 444 days.

President Reagan is shot in the chest by would be assassin John Hinkley.

Space shuttle Columbia, the world's first reusable spacecraft, is sent into space.

A suspended walkway in the Kansas City Hyatt Regency Hotel collapses, killing 113.

A female former lover files a "palimony" suit against tennis star Billie Jean King.

President Reagan appoints Sandra Day O'Connor to be the first woman on the Supreme Court.

The Pac-Man video game is introduced in the US.

Alicia Keys, Elijah Wood, Kelly Rowland, Anna Kournikova, and Britney Spears are born.

Los Angeles Dodgers win the World Series.

Oakland Raiders win Superbowl XV.

New York Islanders win the Stanley Cup.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is the top grossing film.

"Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes spends the most time at the top of the US charts.

MTV debuts on cable television, playing music videos 24 hours a day.

Gimme a Break premieres.

Oh and to add in a little something extra, the day that President Regan was shot was the day I was born! My mom was in labor with me sitting at home waiting to go to the hospital when it came across the TV.


Bennetts said...

Thanks for sharing this link, it was fun!

Eagles Wings said...

Okay I feel really old now...I graduated high school when you were born :-)

Michelle said...

I loved pac man when it came out! and we watched Gimme A Break all the time :)

Kim said...

Oh MY! I feel so old now....I graduated from high school in 86. Oh MY!...too funny. I'm gonna go check it out... lol.