Sunday, January 14, 2007

weekend update

Saturday morning, Patrick and I went to test drive the van we've been looking at. It drives like a top! I'm so excited, I just hope this one works out better than the last one we looked at. The guy who is selling it is going to let me take it to our mechanic to look over to make sure there's no major problems hiding under the hood. As long as it checks out ok, I'm going to have a new/ used van!

Saturday afternoon, Joey's Aunt Maureen, and I went and bought Joey a new car seat. He hasn't completely outgrown his infant car seat, but since he's getting his helmet off on Tuesday and they warned us that his car seat that he has would put more pressure on the back of his head and might help his head to regress back to being flat easier. So, after making a trip to BJ's then to Babies R Us, then BACK to BJ's, I chose a car seat that adjusts from 5 lbs, to 80 lbs. And even in the infant setting, his head doesn't seem to have as much pressure on the back of it.

Today was spent going to noon mass then spending the rest of the day cleaning and doing things that I've been wanting to get done. Unfortunately, I ran out of time! There was so much more I could have gotten done today, but hopefully I can get most of the things done this week.

I still can't believe Tuesday is the last day with Joey's helmet! The last 13 weeks have gone by so quick! Tomorrow I'm actually going to let Joey have his helmet off for intervals so he can start getting used to not wearing it. He had it off for about 45 minutes this evening and didn't seem to be too happy to have it off, especially when he hit his head on a toy. It'll take a little adjustment getting used to it being off for good.

Tomorrow I need to go back to Babies R Us. Today Joey used a medium flow nipple on his bottle rather than a slow flow for the first time and did good. No choking, so we're going to try medium flow for now on. Mostly because his slow flows are wearing out and he needs to use the ones more for his age.

I just checked my bloglines and realized that I've not read many of my favorite blogs all weekend and I'm getting too sleepy to read them tonight, so I'll save that for tomorrow morning during Joey's first nap of the day to catch up with all my favorites and try to read a couple new blogs too!


The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

If he was younger I would suggest getting a sling, or a pouch, and then you could wear him during naps and such, and that would take some pressure off the back of his head. Well, I guess you still could have him nap in one, and just have his head rest on your chest. Slings are also nice for the stores, because you don't have to keep him in the car seat, or put him sitting up in the cart with all the germs. Just wear him! They really are wonderful.

Anyway, I'm so happy that you guys are getting a new van. We're gonna have to start looking into a mini van, too. 2 car seats, and a 10 year old are not gonna fit in the back of my Altima!!

Michelle said...

I hope the van works out for you and there are no problems with it!

I can't believe it's been 13 wks since he started wearing the helmet either- wow!

amy flege said...

we just got mayson a new car seat too!! she is sooo tiny was hard finding one that fit her nice now and that will later on top of saftey!! what did you get? we ended up with evenflo triumph. so far we love it and so does she! its hard to believe our babies are going to be in big carseats!