Sunday, November 05, 2006

Convention 2006

Yesterday was the CDSC's annual convention and it was a blast! Not only did we learn a lot more but we got to meet Chris Burke. His band performed and it was awesome! They actually had my mother in law dancing along to their music. We went to three different workshops.

The first workshop we all went to was on Oral Motor Therapy and its importance to speech production and clarity. I didn't realize that when I signed us all up for it, that it was Lori Overland's assistant so we pretty much got a repeat of when we went to see her a couple weeks ago. But it was still useful information.

The second workshop we all went to was on Otolaryngology (ENT) issues in children with down syndrome. We got so much more information on what to expect from Joey's upcoming procedure with his ears. The doctor who was there speaking agreed with our doctor about getting Joey's ears done now and also gave us some more advice. Like, did you know that instead of using Q-tips to clean out ears that it's better to use a dropper and put one or two drops of baby or mineral oil into someones ear to clean out the wax? I had no clue!

The third workshop my mother in law and I went to was on Medical Issues in Children and Infants With Down Syndrome. This was was also very informative. The doctor gave us more advice on Joey's problems with his constipation. While we went to that workshop, Patrick and my father in law went to a workshop on a due process primer. Since Patrick is an attorney, he wanted to hear what the other attorneys had to say about IDEA and other laws pertaining to children with disabilities.

Unfortunately, our forth workshop was canceled due to a death in the speakers family, it was suppose to be on Early Elementary Language. But we were all so tired, that we just decided to cut the day early and go home. We had been there since 8am and by that time it was 3:00.

Also, the keynote speaker, Steve Riggio gave a great talk about his daughter and their struggles with inclusion and other everyday difficulties. But I still think the highlight of my day was meeting Chris Burke!


Heather Noel said...

I'm glad you had a good time, that is so cool you got to meet Chris Burke. I remember him from Life Goes On it use to be a favorite of mine.

Christina said...

I am so glad your conference was good. Ours was also great and I got so much positive energy from it. I wish it was more often... Cool that you got to meet Chris Burke too!

Michelle said...

Glad to hear the conference was so fun and informative! How neat to meet Chris Burke too!

I had heard not to use qtips for the ears because all it does was push the wax further in, but I didn't know to use a drop or two of the baby oil - thanks!