Friday, November 17, 2006

hands & knees

We've been having the hardest time getting Joey to stay on his hands and knees. The minute we put him there, he puts his hands in his mouth and falls to the ground.

He has no problems lifting himself up onto his hands and will also lift himself up with his knees, but not at the same time. I know some of this has to do with his low muscle tone but if he would just keep those darn hands out of his mouth! Any suggestions?


Michelle said...

The only suggestion I can think of right now is to have something in front of him that interests him enough to keep his hands on that instead of his mouth?

Jessica said...

I've tried that. It's like he gets excited and the hands automatically go to the mouth.

Kathleen Marie said...

Hummm, does he take a pacifier? Then he would already have something in his mouth. Is he teething? My grandaughter is teething so drooling and always chewing on her hand.

He is so cute!

Kim said...

hhhmm sorry no ideas. That tummy time thing gets Miss T pretty worked up.. We just keep at it. He is just so cute. The other ideas sound good though. Good luck

jotcr2 said...

Sheena is exactly the same. She is obsessed with her mouth. It might just be an age thing - I understand that mouthing is a developmental stage to desensitive the mouth. I have tried bonjella (a gel to stop teething pain).

Christina said...

Vincent loves putting his hands in his mouth. At the PT yesterday she showed us some moves, I am going to try to explain it. The best is if you can have him on a table (not very pracitcal I know). Anyways, you put him facing forward on his belly, let him support himself with the arms, then you put him on his legs, and let the feet be against your tummy or whatever other part is by the table edge. This way he will want to push off against your tummy (Ok maybe not when you are preggers)and he will work on staying on all 4. This will also strenghten his thigh/upper leg muscles. Wow, that did not sounds so easy. I will try to take a pic of Vincent when we do it and post it so you get a better understanding of what I ment... HArd to explain.
Another thing they told us was that you can use one of those "step-up" aerobic things. You put something soft on top of it, so he won't get hurt if he bonks his head. Than you leave his legs on the floor and let him support himself on the board. This will also strengthen legs and tummy muscles. So the feet/legs will be on the floor and the upperbody on the step-up board.
Hope this helps some :-) I have not tried them out more than yesterday in therapy. Vince was exhausted afterwards.