Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's so funny, I never imagined that I would be pregnant again only 8 months after having Joey. I admit, I've been wanting another child, but I didn't expect it to happen that easily! But I'm so excited!! I go to the doctors on Wednesday for an ultrasound. We're not sure how pregnant I truely am. In October my period came 2 weeks early and was very light & short, so there's a possiblity that I was pregnant then. So I'm either like 5 weeks or 10 weeks.

Well, I want to write so much more, but Joey is calling, so I'm off for now!


Lauren said...


Michelle said...

Will be interested in hearing how far along you are - and seeing a picture of your little bean! Congrats again!

LeslieAnn said...

I tried to post this yesterday and it wouldn't...hopefully it will today!

I would be willing to bet that was implantation bleeding (your little one snuggling in) and that you are closer to 10 weeks! That would be awesome! I knew I was pregnant with Jack at 10 days and it was the loooooongest pregnancy EVER!


Kathleen Marie said...

Wow, congratulations! That is fabulous news. Babies are such an amazing blessing from God. Just think, you have a precious little soul living in your body! It kind of blows the mind away.

God is so good!