Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wow! It's 66 degrees outside right now! I think I'm going to get a quick shower and Joey and I are going to go on a walk! The temperature is suppose to start going down starting tomorrow so we better enjoy today while we can! Maybe a quick trip to Walmart to start a little early Christmas shopping? The sun is shining, couldn't ask for a more beautiful day!!!

Speaking of Christmas, I think I'm going to make as many of our Christmas gifts as possible. One to save money and two many people tend to be more grateful for something made by hand. If anyone has any great handmade gifts ideas, throw them at me!!


Stephanie said...

We had a gorgeous day yesterday. It was 70, and today it's right back in the 40's, lol.

I can't wait to see what you come up with for Christmas. I know we all (well me and the twins) loved our blankets last year. I use mine ALL the time. :-)

Michelle said...

I wish I had ideas on how to make gifts - but I am not the creative one!

Miranda said...

Hope you had a great day, what wonderful weather! It was beautiful here too!

I'm going to try to make most of my Christmas gifts too, but i don't know what i'm making yet. Last year i made Tiger fudge, that went over pretty well.

The Imperfect Christian said...

I would check out, they have little photos books you can make for VERY reasonable prices. You can add quotes, etc. too. I made some calendars as well!

Brandi said...

Hey thanks for visiting my WW today!

One great idea for grandparents (of Joey) and or aunts/uncles is a collage of pictures. Especially if you have any photos with them in it as well as just of him. It's fairly cheap and can be made pretty easily! You can get cheap photo frames from Walmart and then take the mat out so it will be a collage or leave it in depending on the look you want! Hope that helps!

Amy said...

If you visit Ofoto you can make a 8x10 photo collage for 4.99 or something. Add 4-100 pics. Then make a nice frame.
I'm having my kids make ornament frames this year and we're putting pics in them.
You could make a tote bag, apron, etc and put on hand prints, feet prints, etc of Joey.
Check out Shutterfly. I think you can buy a calendar and get one free. My in laws tend to really like those.
Enjoy! I love getting ready for the holidays!

Christina said...

You could print out each entry from your blog from this year, take it to Kinko's (or somewhere similar) and have it put together like al ittle book and give it to parents, grandparents. At least my grandmothr does not read my blog. And even if they read them, it is still nice to have a book of Joey's first year.