Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Joey update!

Geez, I've been so focused on other things lately Ive not had a true Joey update post! He's doing so good! He's finally feeling better and back to himself after our little trip to the ER the other day. He's not liking to take his antibiotics very well though.

Did I mention when they weighed him at the hospital that he weighs 16 lbs 8 oz?!?! He's getting so big! He grew out of his 6/9 month clothes and is already in 12 month clothes!

I can't believe he turns 9 months old tomorrow. The months just keep flying by! Before I know it, he's going to be 1 year old!

He's doing such a goof job with his sitting. He sits up for about one minute now, sometimes longer. I had him sitting next to me on the couch last night watching TV and he was so excited just sitting there next to me. I wish my husband would have been home to grab a picture of it.

He's still not doing much in the way of crawling. He wants to so bad! He gets up on his knees then falls down and rolls over. He'll get it soon. His PT has been working on it with him.

Friday, we have another trip to the hospital but this time instead of the ER, we're going to the OR. Joey's ENT wants to knock him out since he can't see inside of Joey's ear canals and since he keeps failing his left sided hearing tests. The ENT wants to be able to get a good look inside of them, if there's fluid clean it out, put in tubes if needed and while he's still sleeping, have the audiologist do the brainstem hearing test. This will determine if he keeps failing the test due to fluid or an actual hearing loss. I'm hoping for the fluid well actually I'm hoping that if it was fluid that it's disappeared since his last hearing test and that he won't need tubes at all! But with the size of his tiny ear canals, I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

I'll be praying that it's just fluid! He's almost as big as my baby! And she just turned one! She's barely into 12 month clothes, they are very baggy on her. 9 month clothes fit her perfectly.

The National Scribe said...

Hi, I have stumbles across your blog and I love it. Your little boy is so cute. I just wanted to let you know that I have a little boy also. He failed his hearing test in both ears when we was born. (He passed two weeks later) but I mentioned this to a chiropractor friend of mine and he said if the doctor ever tells you that your child needs tubes, you may want to take him to the chiropractor first. Sometimes an alignment can help release the fluid and tubes may not be needed. I don't know if you believe in the chiropractic field but i thought you might want another option. Good luck either way!

Anonymous said...

I hope you get some answers to the failed hearing test; and I'll be praying they can drain the fluid so he won't need tubes!

That's interesting what the previous poster said about chiropractors! Kayla has an ENT appt in Feb (at the last appt both tubes had come out) and if there is fluid and he wants to do tubes again I'm going to check w/a chiropractor in town first!


Christina said...

I hope the eartest goes well and it was just drained fluid .
Thanks for the update, I was wondering how the little champ was doing.

Kim said...

Oh My 9mo old already. He is getting soooo big...Yeah I know about the growing out of sizes...Miss Thea-Ann is growing in length faster then weight...hhhmmm I wish I had that problem...LOL....I'm sending good thoughts for the ent appt. :)

Anonymous said...

Miss E's canals are too tiny for tubes...imagine that. Our ENT said even if they could fit the tiniest tubes in, they would likely fall out. Apparently the littler tubes just don't stay in well. It sounds like Kayla has already had this experience.

Maybe you should find out the success rate before having them put in, if they are not going to stay, it may not be worth the time to go through the process of getting them... just a thought.